Handcrafted Natural Soap (170gm)

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When you have Eczema, anything that goes on your skin needs careful attention.

This doesn’t only include your body oils or creams….you also need to pay special attention to the soaps or washes you use on your or your baby’s skin.

Most standard soaps contain harsh lathering ingredients, colorants, additives, and artificial fragrances, all of which can cause further dryness or allergic reactions. Sulphates in standard soaps strip natural oils from your skin and limit the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Our natural handmade soap is packed with rich moisturizing oils and ground organic oatmeal.

These ingredients are naturally soothing and are wonderful for sensitive skin. Our natural soap is also ‘super-fatted’ which means that it is formulated to protect your skin barrier, preventing moisture loss and strengthening the skin’s ability to heal itself.

Our natural soap is perfectly suited for a baby’s delicate skin and can be used by the whole family!

Ingredients- Shea butter, organic oatmeal, virgin coconut oil, milk extract


1 review for Handcrafted Natural Soap (170gm)

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