Shea Green

Earn Green Points with Shea Green

The Earth… This beautiful place we call home, let’s take care of it together!

It’s a labor of love to return your jars & bottles back to us, and we greatly appreciate all of our customers who do!

1. Collect your empty shea organics jars/bottles and put them in a bag, make sure you include your full name & number on the bag. No need to wash them as we have a complete cleaning & sanitizing process for that.

2. When you place your next order on our website, please include in the notes section, “PICK MY EMPTY JARS”. Our rider will collect your empties when he delivers your order.

3. Once we receive your empties, we will sort them and allocate you Green Points in line with our Shea Green policy.

Shea Green Policy

• 1 jar = 100 green points = ksh 100 in discounts

• Only our glass and PET jars and bottles will be eligible for green points

• Jars and bottles should include lids, be in good condition, and should not be cracked, dented or broken.

• Jars that are not re-usable will be dropped off at the recycling center- not all our jars and bottles are re-usable eg serum bottles cannot be refilled due to sanitary concerns but we will be happy to accept these back to drop off to our recycling partners.

• Once you accumulate 500 green points, we will send you a discount voucher to shop on our website

Our Recycling Partners